Bethany Baptist Church

Connecting Our Community to Christ
Salem, Oregon

Welcome to Bethany!

At Bethany you will find inspiring worship, practical teaching from the Bible, intimate friendships, and a dynamic ministry to the whole family. These are all part of what a good church should be, and we believe you’ll find them at Bethany. We are a church of 400 individuals seeking to honor God, grow in our relationship with Him and others, and support one another along the journey of life. We invite you to come check out what God is doing at Bethany Baptist Church…the church at the foot of the cross.

To find out more about Bethany, read below and check this information:

Discovering God’s Purpose

Do you see yourself as a masterpiece? God does. He designed you and he delights in you as a priceless work of art. As your loving father and maker, he wants to see you become all that you can be. When we say that God has a plan for your life, we mean it. He chose the time, place, and circumstances in which you were born. He formed you with special abilities and a unique personality. What’s more, he made you the way did for a purpose – and we want to help you find your purpose.

Discovering Life

Step by step, we will help you learn to achieve the things that God intended for you. We call it the pathway of discipleship. First you’ll learn about our church – why we’re here and why you should be here. Then you’ll delve deeper, discovering God’s design for you, including why he gave you specific talents and traits. You will discover the ways God intends you to use your life to be blessing to others.

Discovering True Friendship

The truest friends are those who like you the way you are but are also excited about all the things that you could be. Like gardeners who patiently feed and water a tiny plant, your friends at Bethany are eager for you to bloom. They will identify with your daily struggles, grieve over your heartaches, and cheer at your successes. More than anyone else, they understand how joyful and productive life can be when you know the love of God and the support of true friends. As one person expressed it, “I love the way God works; we went looking for a church and found a home.”

Discovering Opportunities

What is the most meaningful work you have accomplished in your life-your own masterpiece? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel that you are doing the work God made you for?

As we help you to find your unique purpose in God’s plan, we also want to help you fulfill it. Many opportunities for growth and service already exist at Bethany. Perhaps your purpose will be to create a new one!

Bethany Baptist Church

Inspiring worship, practical teaching, intimate fellowship, and a dynamic ministry to children and youth – They’re all part of what a good church should be, and you’ll find them all at Bethany. The vision of a great church, though, is great people. We want to help you realize your full potential and become the great person that God made you to be.