Bethany Baptist Church

Connecting Our Community to Christ
Salem, Oregon

What We Believe

Core Beliefs

The following core beliefs express the heart and foundation of our faith, and form the essentials that our church members affirm when joining our church family:

There is only one true God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
God is sovereign as creator and sustainer of all things.
The 66 books of the Bible are inspired by God and authoritative.
All people are sinners in need of salvation.
Jesus lived a perfect life, died, and rose again to save us from our sins.
Through faith in Jesus our sins are forgiven, we receive salvation, and we are made right with God.
The church is established by God and vital to Christian living.
Jesus is coming back again to rule and reign.

Articles of Faith

Our Articles of Faith describe what we, as a Baptist church, practice and believe about the Bible, God, good and evil, and our place in the world as a church.

Bethany Articles of Faith

Our Church Constitution

Our church’s Constitution describes how the church functions, including our purpose, organizational structure, leadership structure, and other important factors in maintaining a well-organized, open, and effective ministry. The Constitution serves to remind us that Jesus Christ is the head of the church.

Bethany Baptist Church Constitution