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Winter Sunday School Classes

Posted on: January 8th, 2015 by Casey Lute | Bethany Blog | No Comments

Several of our fall adult Sunday School classes wrapped up in December, but with a new month we have some new class options to share. All classes meet at 9:00 AM on Sunday mornings. The classes beginning this month are:

  • “Lord, I Want to Know You: A Devotional Study on the Names of God.” To know God is to know His character, and that character is revealed in His names. Each name is an aspect of His sovereignty over your life. If you want a deeper, abiding faith, this study will help you see and understand how powerfully He works. Ellen Zarfas leads this class for women only, based on the study by Kay Arthur, and it meets in Room 23.
  • “Sharing Your Faith.” Many of us want to share our faith, but we are unsure where to begin. In this class, we will be introduced to some practical principles of evangelism. Larry Dodds and Terry Williams will be leading this class, incorporating materials from the “Becoming a Contagious Christian” series. It meets in the Fellowship Hall.
  • “The Gospel of Luke.” The book of Luke provides us with a compelling historical account of the life of Jesus, so that we “may have certainty concerning the things [we] have been taught” about him (Luke 1:4). This class will walk its participants through Luke’s gospel, exploring its many themes and messages. Although this is a continuation of an earlier class, anyone is welcome to join at any time. It is taught by Jim Hills, and meets in Heritage Hall.

We hope to see you out at one of these classes soon. Remember that there are also classes every week for children and youth, from infancy through high school.

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