Bethany Baptist Church

Connecting Our Community to Christ
Salem, Oregon

Adult Spiritual Growth Groups

Sunday Morning Growth Groups

9:00  am
The Seven Deadly Sins & The Seven Christian Virtues
Taught by Jim Hills
Heritage Hall

Martin Luther & The Protestant Reformation
Taught by Scot Bruce
Length of Class – 8-10 weeks
Fellowship Hall

Ann Voskamp’s Book “The Greatest Gift”
For Women Only
Taught by Ellen Zarfas & Naomi Haynes
Room 23

Weekly Growth Groups

Bethany Baptist Church has several growth groups that meet throughout the week. You may view a list of them below, and can click on the leader’s name for their email address, if you would like more information about the group. 

Please click here to fill out a form if you are interested in being placed in a group, or if you would like more information on growth groups.


10:30 am  – Worship services in English (Auditorium) and Spanish (Heritage Hall)

8:00 pm – The Intersection – College age


6:00 pm – Growth group meeting at the Adams’ home

7:00 pm  – Led by Dick Jones and Bob Wright, meeting at the Tsangs’ home.

7:00 pm – Theology class, taught by Sean Banks, meeting at the church


9:30 am –  Led by Marcy Baker, meeting in Heritage Hall. Entrusted A Beth Moore DVD Study on 2 Timothy Women’s Bible Study group $

6:30 pm  –  Led by Tim Baker, meeting at the Bakers’ home. Childcare available. 

6:30 pm – Led by Casey Lute, meeting at the Lutes’ home.

7:00 pm – Led by Kenny Anderson meeting at Donna Colburn’s home.


2:00 pm – Led by Wayne Mick at the Olsons’ home. For older adults who don’t like being out at night. 

6:30 pm  –  Led by Reva Lux, meeting at the Lux’s home.  Beth Moore DVD Study “Jesus The One and Only” Women’s Bible Study group $


6:30 pm  –  Led by Uriah Jones, meeting at the Bowman’s home. Childcare available.

7:00 pm – SŌMA Led by Michael Halstead meeting at the James’ home.  – Young Adults


6:00 am  –  Led by Brian Miles, meeting at Roth’s IGA Vista Market. Men’s Bible study group