Bethany Baptist Church

Connecting Our Community to Christ
Salem, Oregon

Adult Spiritual Growth Groups

Sunday Morning Growth Groups

9:00  am
The Seven Deadly Sins & The Seven Christian Virtues
Taught by Jim Hills
Heritage Hall

NEW Divergent Viewpoints
Held by Christians &
How we can all get along…

Taught by Sean Banks
Length of class is four weeks
Fellowship Hall


The working title for my four week Sunday school class which begins January 7 is “The Panoply of Beliefs Christians Believe: Aiming for the Goalposts of Orthodoxy.” We will discuss divergent viewpoints held by Christians within the evangelical community on a variety of topics. This course will provide biblical support for orthodox Christian beliefs while encouraging a humility towards those Christians whose beliefs are, by our account, unorthodox, and maybe even offensively errant.

Age of the Earth
God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Accountability (Calvinism, Arminianism, Molinism):
Women in Church Leadership
Spiritual Gifts (Tongues, Prophecy, Healing)
The Authority of Scripture (Inerrancy/Infallibility)
Perspectives on Hell (Annihilationism/Eternal Torment)
Scripture’s Interpretive Framework (Covenant Theology/Dispensationalism)
The Millennials (not those millennials)
Bible Reading and Prayer (how much/how often)
Church (governance/attendance/membership)

NEW Angela Thomas
“When Wallflowers Dance”
For Women Only
Taught by Ellen Zarfas
Room 23


When we were two, we were no longer babies-we were becoming little girls. And when we were thirteen, we were leaving childhood behind, becoming young women. But somewhere along the way, we stopped becoming. We became “un-women.” Wallflowers who are just breathing and smiling and blending in to stay out of the way.

That is not what God had in mind when He created us. He wants us to keep becoming. He wants us to become strong, decisive, wise, creative, passionate, courageous-all the things we’ve dreamed of becoming. When Wallflowers Dance is a fresh challenge to women who have lived hesitant, cautious lives but long to break free and dance!

Using both Scripture and story, Angela Thomas addresses the attributes of “becoming” and the freedom we have in Christ to keep developing the characteristics that reflect our God-given longings.

Weekly Growth Groups

Bethany Baptist Church has several growth groups that meet throughout the week. You may view a list of them below, and can click on the leader’s name for their email address, if you would like more information about the group. 

Please click here to fill out a form if you are interested in being placed in a group, or if you would like more information on growth groups.


10:30 am  – Worship services in English (Auditorium) and Spanish (Heritage Hall)

8:00 pm – The Intersection – College age


6:00 pm – Growth group meeting at the Adams’ home

7:00 pm  – Led by Dick Jones and Bob Wright, meeting at the Tsangs’ home.

7:00 pm – Theology class, taught by Sean Banks, meeting at the church


9:30 am –  Led by Marcy Baker, meeting in Heritage Hall. Hospitality 101: Lessons From The Ultimate Host Women’s Bible Study group $

6:30 pm  –  Led by Tim Baker, meeting at the Bakers’ home. Childcare available. 

6:30 pm – Led by Casey Lute, meeting at the Lutes’ home.

7:00 pm – Led by Kenny Anderson meeting at Donna Colburn’s home.


2:00 pm – Led by Wayne Mick at the Olsons’ home. For older adults who don’t like being out at night. 

6:30 pm  –  Led by Reva Lux, meeting at the Lux’s home.  Beth Moore DVD Study “Jesus The One and Only” Women’s Bible Study group $


6:30 pm  –  Led by Uriah Jones, meeting at the Bowman’s home. Childcare available.

7:00 pm – SŌMA Led by Michael Halstead meeting at the James’ home.  – Young Adults


6:00 am  –  Led by Brian Miles, meeting at Roth’s IGA Vista Market. Men’s Bible study group