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Bethany Baptist Church’s 2020 Vision

Posted on: September 16th, 2014 by Tim Baker | News | No Comments


On Sunday night, September 14, we asked every adult at Bethany to attend a 2020 Vision Home Group Meeting. With over 200 adults in attendance, it was a great night to share with our church family the results of a years worth of work, research, prayer and goal setting for our ministry. We believe we are called by God to make disciples in Salem and beyond, and have a clear picture of how we will do that over the next five years. If you weren’t able to take part in one of our home group meetings last Sunday, take some time now to read over the 2020 Vision Fact Sheet, and watch the video.

On Sunday, October 5th we will celebrate Bethany’s 45th anniversary as a church with a special celebration Sunday. In our morning service, we will highlight our new ministry vision, and we will take a special offering for the 2020 Vision projects. That night, we will share in a special dessert reception at church, including the announcement of the offering results and a time of worship around the Lord’s Table.

Read our 2020 Vision Fact Sheet.

Watch the 2020 Vision Video.

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